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Glossy Marble Granite Italian Bottichino Florito iPhone Lamination - Decoratemobile.com

Glossy Marble Granite Italian Bottichino Florito iPhone Lamination


MNS Mobile Skin lamination Paper.
MNS Mobile Skin are made of high quality Premium Vinyl adhesive skin ( similar to a sticker ) This is not a hard case & It is a sleek way to wrap or skin your device in a variety of colors & textures for a one of a kind personalized look. Protect your device from DIRT, DUST,  FADING, SCRATCHES, PEELING, and SMUDGES with premium, architectural grade vinyl that adds additional grip to your Smartphone. Edge-to-edge coverage and perfect alignment of cut-outs provides access to all buttons or ports.

This is a Made in India product.

Note:- The actual color may be a little different from the picture because of lighting, color set and screen display. Picture shown here for reference .

MNS Mobile skins come in Some True-textured finishes:
Carbon Fiber,  Brushed Titanium, Matte, Leather, Powder-coated, True Color, Wooden, Metallic Matte, Glossy Shiny, Marble, Sparkle, Military, Printed etc.

You won’t find a more authentic texture among any of our competitors. Our decals for the are available in a custom-selected range of exclusive, With other companies, what you see is never what you get. They hide behind poorly photo-shopped images of their product. They mark up their prices with hidden taxes and excessive shipping costs. At, We’ve got nothing to hide. Taxes are included in the price. Our state-of-the-art website “www.Decoratemobile.com” represents our hunger for a higher-caliber skin.
MNS Mobile skins, one device at a time. Looking for the best possible.? You’ve come to the right place. The pictures don’t lie.
Our MNS Mobile skins offer the most precise fit on the market. We’ve meticulously measured each of the cutouts on our MNS Mobile skins for the over a thousand times, Down to the micro millimeter. It literally isn’t possible to find a better fitting,
higher quality skin than the one you’ll find at . We are the definition of precision.

MNS Computer Lamination expert.
Mobile, Tablet, iPad, Notebook, Laptop
This Mobile Lamination Compatible iPhone And All 6.4 inches Mobile Phone.
Easy To apply And Easy To Remove Without Any Scratch And Defect.

Skins Lamination available at.

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  • Glossy Marble Granite Italian Bottichino Florito iPhone Lamination Compatible for iPhone And All Mobile Phone having sizes less than 6.4 inches and Tablet, I Paid, NoteBook, Laptop, Skins Lamination. Easy To apply And Easy To Remove Without Any Scratch And Defect and also protect from that type of obstacles which could be faced without skin or protector.

    Glossy Marble Granite Italian Bottichino Florito iPhone Lamination features : –

    Full cover.

    Full protection for your Mobile phone Backside and its edges.


    Adopts imported materials, non-slip layer, can prevent the mobile phone sliding from your grabbing hand.


    The soft anti-shock technology can reduce the impact, prevent the screen from broken damages.


    Unique oleophobic layer, oleophobic and lyophobic, let the screen clean like a new after removal skin.


    Anti-glare can automatically absorb sunlight to avoid refraction after sunlight into film and avoid sunlight defects.


    Amazingly detailed textures and precisely engineered for the best possible fit that you can feel with the smoother mobile surface as it is.

    Unique Fashion statements.

    With Glossy Marble Granite Italian Bottichino Florito iPhone Lamination Skin. Let you customize your gadgets in various unique texture including. Like wood grain, leather, carbon fiber, metal and many more choices. As you choose your favorite style or create a bold and unique fashion statement with a sensuous texture that is gorgeous to see. It Touch with your hand to feel the customizations.


    Glossy Marble Granite Italian Bottichino Florito iPhone Lamination APPLY INSTRUCTIONS;

    Turn off your mobile phone. Remove from its protective case (if any) and gently peel off any existing film screen protector or label tags. to apply Matte Marble Granite White Stone iPhone Lamination.

    To apply to follow the steps that given below:

    1. Wash your hands, and clean the device’s surface thoroughly of all the dirt with a microfiber cloth or with any clean cloth.
    2. Identify where each portion of the skin goes on the device and starting peel out the skin from the corner. Slowly remove one of the corners of the skin. ( Tip: keep your fingers wet whenever handling the skin to avoid fingerprints. )
    3. Carefully place the skin with the adhesive ( Sticky ) side facing down on the device surface. closely aligned as equally spacing with the identified portion. Now cut-out the skin around the ports(holes) on the device as you required. Stick the skin with adjustment using your fingers.
    4. Once the alignment skin is in a satisfying position as device portion. Start pressing down all the side flaps with enough pressure so that they stick down on the device surface.
    5. Finally cut-out the excessive skin gently.
    6. Now turn on your device and use it with new variations looks and customs.

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Weight 9 g
Dimensions 4.7 × 7.5 cm

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